STILL MUCH TO BE DONE mini-conference


STILL MUCH TO BE DONE – European mini-conference on the occasion of IDAHOT

Copenhagen, Christiansborg (Parliament), Fællessalen – Tuesday, May 10th, 2016, 10:00-14:00

Free admission  –  registration is mandatory according to safety procedures of the parliament

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This is a side event to the European IDAHO Forum hosted by the Danish government May 10th-12th

In the panels (confirmed)

Helena Dalli, Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs, and Civil Liberties, Malta
Wester Meijdam, European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers
Ben Baks, Senior Policy Adviser, Gender & LGBT Equality Department, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Netherlands

Eleni Tsetsekou, Head of Unit, SOGI Issues, Council of Europe
Dennis van der Veur, Head of Sector Consultation & Cooperation, Fundamental Rights Agency
Julia Ehrt, Executive Director, TGEU – Transgender Europe
Evelyne Paradis, Executive Director, ILGA-Europe

Video comments by
Nils Mui
žnieks, CoE Commissioner for Human Rights
Ulrike Lunacek, MEP, Vice-President of the European Parliament, Co-President of Intergroup on LGBTI Rights

Moderator: Ulrika Westerlund, former chair of RFSL

Host: Yildiz Akdogan, MP

Why the conference?

For many years Europe has been a key actor in the development of LGBTI rights.  At the same time European borders widened protection of LGBTI rights developed and were woven into the fabric of the institutionalised Europe.

But now EU is in a bad shape. Financial troubles, dissociating referenda, consciousness-bending responses to the refugee situation. Furthermore, the Council of Europe (CoE), the human rights foundation of the continent, is challenged, e.g. by open discussions by states about leaving the European Convention on Human Rights

We have seen truly great results in the LGBTI area. Requirements enforced on accession states and members of the EU Commission, references in the Charter of Fundamental Rights and directives, activities in the European Parliament, the list of actions by the Commission,  CoE recommendations by the Committee of Ministers and by PACE, Court of Human Rights decisions, issue papers by the Human Rights commissioner and the Fundamental Rights Agency and much more.

But we also see a reluctance to implement policies on a national level, the vetoing of the Commission’s List of Actions by the Hungarian government, hesitation on implementing Court of Human Rights decisions. We see an outspoken dissonance between liberal voices in West and traditionalist voices in East.

We need to talk about this.

Join us in the Copenhagen mini-conference on May 10th where key players are ready to discuss contemporary issues in the development of LGBTI rights in Europe.

Practical information

The venue of the Still Much to be Done mini-conference is Christiansborg Castle, home to the Danish Parliament.

Note: At the visitors entrance of Christiansborg there is a security check like the one in an airport.